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Fashion Enterprise




Manchester Metropolitan University

Creative Team

Anna Corkill

Chloe Barton

Esty Paradnyy

India Hague

Georgia Copsey

Fashion Enterprise was a final year module in which we had to come up with an innovative business proposition and create a business plan. This was a group project and I must give credit to the amazing girls who all helped to put this together; Anna Corkill, Chloe Barton, India Hague and Georgia Copsey. The 5 of us spent 6 weeks researching and developing our business model to create 'Form'. 'Form' is an innovative, artificial intelligent shopping assistant website, acting as a virtual stylist to aid disabled women of 18-34 within the UK. Responding to size, fit and function, 'Form' is an inclusive service based upon individual fashion principles. 14.1 million people in the UK have a disability. Our aim was to build an inclusive service that supports British accessible brands and small independent brands. Co-creating with the consumer, integrating them within marketing. We proposed to create a 'Form Community', where consumers could interact with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, creating an experince beyond a service.

Note | As this was a university project some information has been censored, we used the facilities available to us to complete our research and as this was a creative lead module, it was essential that we considered that while putting together our business plan.

Below is a selection of pages from our completed business plan and look book.

GROUP 1-LOOKBOOK_Page_02.jpg
GROUP 1-LOOKBOOK_Page_05.jpg
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